Environmental Chambers

Environmental Test Chambers

ET-Series Environmental Test Chambers offering the best of unique and uncompromised features at competitive prices. Ideal for choosing your best suit for variable product sizes from the available range of standard sizes. High performance & inherent reliability guaranteed for continuous testing of your products. These chambers can be easily movable on the wheels to convenient places and are easy to maintain.

Uncompromised features included at no additional add-on costs…

Colour touch programmer with built-in web server that allows remote monitoring and operation of your chamber from any Internet connected PC or smart phone.

It is important for the company to conduct environmental testing so that the product meets the company’s quality standards. Temperature and humidity will be tested over a wide range of pressures, ensuring that the product is built to the highest standards.

Being a leading manufacturer and supplier of custom environmental test chambers in Bangalore, India, USA, UK & Russia Envisys offers a wide range of custom environmental test chambers with quality construction and innovative technology, serving a variety of industries. We offer a complete line of standard and custom environmental test chambers designed to meet specific test applications. In addition,we design and assemble a large selection of walk-in environmental test chambers. Our custom walk-in test environmental test chambers are designed to meet a variety of testing applications on diverse sizes of testing specimens. Our custom environmental test chambers are built with uncompromised features to suit the client’s changing application needs of simulating a wide range of temperature, relative humidity, and other conditions without the additional cost of fitting expensive add-ons as options.

At Envisys, we understand the significance of customisation; hence, we carefully design and manufacture & supply environment test chambers that meet the specific requirements of our clients. Offering a range of state-of-the-art custom environmental test chambers, through years of experience and skilled engineers, we help our clients optimise their goals. Our walk-in environmental test chamber offers unmatchable flexibility in installation. The panelised construction is designed to withstand the most rigorous testing conditions while providing the highest level of dependability and performance in India, USA, UK & Russia.

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Control Console:

ET-touch controller is custom designed to work with Envisys’ Environmental Testing chambers. The controller hardware is built with high-performance industrial grade colour touch screen which allows the user to experience clear view of the chamber parameters. The software is designed for user friendly operation with highest level of safety and optimized chamber performance.


  • Block construction with easy reach-in maintenance sections and user-friendly control desk
  • Made of SS Interiors and CRCS power coated exterior panels
  • Designed to meet variety of testing application on diverse sizes of testing specimens

Environmental Test Chamber Models

After sale service is an integral part of our business: Our services include complete technical and engineering support to our customers round the clock, repair, maintenance, refurbishments, spare parts etc.,

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Our market-leading environmental test chambers not only provide exceptional levels of performance, but have ? years warranty and servicing.  {WHAT CAN WE PUT HERE TO ENCOURAGE PEOPLE TO BUY FROM YOU – DO YOU OFFER A WARRANTY, SERVICE/MAINTENANCE PLAN, MONEY BACK OFFER, ANYTHING ELSE?}

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With this unique offer you can hire an environmental test chamber safe in the knowledge that this test chamber comes with full service, parts and maintenance included. {WHAT CAN WE PUT HERE TO ENCOURAGE PEOPLE TO HIRE FROM YOU – DO YOU OFFER A WARRANTY, SERVICE/MAINTENANCE PLAN, MONEY BACK OFFER, ANYTHING ELSE?}

Used test chambers for sale

If you need to supplement your environmental test chamber capacity but don’t want to buy new, then why not consider purchasing a second-hand chamber from JBEE? All our used chambers are in excellent condition and come with a standard ? months warranty to provide the high standards you need. Plus, if you specify a service contract, we’ll increase the warranty to ?? months. {WHAT CAN WE PUT HERE TO ENCOURAGE PEOPLE TO BUY USED CHAMBERS FROM YOU – DO YOU OFFER A WARRANTY, SERVICE/MAINTENANCE PLAN, MONEY BACK OFFER, ANYTHING ELSE?}

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There’s never been a better time to upgrade to a new environmental test chamber. In fact, we’ve made the process to change so simple. Check out our unbeatable offers now – call the JBEE sales team on 01621 772833 for full details. {WHAT CAN WE PUT HERE TO ENCOURAGE PEOPLE TO UPGRADE?}

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